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Hi there, I'm Terence

Have you recently passed your RES exam? If you’re on the lookout for a mentor that embodies TRUE, GENUINE values and provides SYSTEMATIC guidance, you’ve landed in the right place.

My journey into real estate was shaped by early adversities. At 9, my family faced financial ruin due to a misguided property investment. We rationed water, electricity, and hope. These hardships instilled in me a drive that’s led to my success today.

My professional start as a TV sales promoter taught me about the rewards and pitfalls of a salaried job amidst a challenging environment.

While the earnings were attractive, the desire for more genuine success and the toxicity of the workplace politics pushed me towards real estate. With ambition and resilience, I not only found my footing but excelled, starting with $320,000 in my first year and scaling up to million-dollar annual earnings.

Our approach is unique. We equip you with detailed marketing solutions, financial database figures for effective pitching, and intensive training. Our team is proud to have invested in a cutting-edge SMART AI app, positioning us as the fastest-growing tech solution agency in real estate.

If you’re contemplating a shift into real estate or pondering the next step after your RES exam, singapore property agent exam, let’s connect over a coffee. I’m eager to share the success stories of my associates and show you how, with the right guidance and tools, you can revolutionize your career in this industry.

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