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At the age of 38, Terence established himself as a top earner in Huttons, consistently reaching and even exceeding 3x million mark in his career and consistent achiever awards.

With roots tracing back to trying times and an innate ability to navigate through adversity, Terence’s journey culminated in the creation of the #TerenceRealEstateMastery and stands among best property agents in singapore.

This unique system, built on resilience, dedication, and honesty, enabled him to ascend as a luminary in Huttons, now spearheading a brigade of over 240 professionals, many of whom have been moulded into top performers and millionaires by adhering to his methods, ethics, and principles.

Frequently gracing the stage at various seminars, Terence shares pearls of wisdom from his 14-year long journey in the real estate realm.

His signature talk, “Building Capacity,” not only delves into the nuances of real estate but has also been a beacon, inspiring and transforming countless lives, both professionally and personally.

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Embark on a Career with Us

MattLamAdvisory offers comprehensive training and development programs to help its members grow their skills and knowledge. This includes training on sales, marketing, negotiation, and other aspects of the real estate business.

From Humble Beginnings

Terence’s journey started amidst adversity. A family crisis, rooted in a misguided property investment, plunged them into hardship. This setback, rather than dissuading him, lit a fire of determination. From collecting water barrels to maneuvering through the cutthroat world of TV sales, Terence’s early experiences shaped his work ethic and values.
best property agents in singapore

Achievements Beyond Measure

Despite the odds, Terence skyrocketed to success, leading a division of almost 200 agents and earning accolades as the top district director for consecutive years. Yet, for him, success was not just about personal gain but also about sharing the wealth of knowledge and experience.
best property agents in singapore

Nurturing Future Leaders

Under Terence’s leadership, Huttons is not just a workplace; it’s a training ground for success. His unique approach to team-building focuses on camaraderie over competition. He’s not just looking for agents; he’s fostering future leaders. Terence’s commitment to his team is unparalleled. From offering personalized training sessions tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses to ensuring agents live comfortably by taking minimal commissions, Terence’s leadership style is both compassionate and pragmatic.
best property agents in singapore
top real estate agent in singapore

Innovative Training Approach

Terence’s 3-pronged training method is comprehensive, focusing on imparting industry knowledge, utilizing data effectively, and upgrading marketing techniques. With his two decades of sales experience, he has introduced 11 distinct marketing methods, ensuring every agent finds their unique approach to success. Finding the best real estate mentor Singapore can significantly accelerate your growth and success in the property market.

best property agents in singapore

A Vision for Ethical Success

Terence’s philosophy is grounded in ethics and humility. He emphasizes the importance of setting realistic goals, maintaining work-life balance, and never compromising one’s values for monetary gain. Having experienced the pitfalls of the property world firsthand, he is committed to ensuring both agents and clients are equipped with sound, ethical advice.
best property agents in singapore

Join Us and Craft Your Success Story

By choosing a career with best property agents in Singapore, you’re not just joining a team; you’re stepping into a legacy of success, guided by a leader who understands the challenges and knows the path to success. Terence Soon’s story is a testament to what’s possible when passion meets perseverance. Now, he invites you to be a part of this journey, to grow, thrive, and redefine success in the real estate world. Embark on a fulfilling career with us, and let Terence’s legacy guide you towards your own success story. 


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top real estate agent in singapore

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At the age of 9, our family got into financial trouble. Why? Because of property,” said Terence Soon, Group District Director at Huttons.

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